Frankie’s Village

Today was another incredible day at a Maasai village.

There is a little boy here named Frankie, who is a triplet, who is a Maasai. He was struggling with his health and so he stayed at Neema longer and is now a “Montana” kid. His sisters stay healthy enough to go back to the village but Frankie stays at Neema. Today we had to go pick up the sisters so that they can go to school.

The village was about 3 hours away from Neema and half of the drive was on a poorly maintained dirt road and then for the last 300 yards we were basically driving through the trees on a trail rather than a road. This was more like you would imagine Africa to be like probably when you think of this area. Tall acacia trees everywhere and thorn bushes. Maasai keeping track of their cows and goats and washed out and now dry stream beds that needed to crossed. It was quite the drive

The village, especially the children, was excited to see us and we handed out books, clothes, and candy. After we took pictures, flew the drone, and met all the kids, the children sang many songs for us. It was so much fun to see all of the kids singing and laughing with us.



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