Rainy Days

It has been raining almost every day since we have arrived. It has been really nice because the clouds have kept the temperature really nice and pleasant. Everyone here is surprised because it is supposed to be the dry season and a little warmer. We aren’t complaining though, it’s been enjoyable, especially when playing outside.  There have been a couple of storms that have kept us inside for about an hour or so though waiting for the downpour to end.

The second group for the safari left yesterday morning and hopefully their weather is good out on the adventure. Here, we’ve been playing with kids, getting our hair braided (not me, I don’t have enough), and hanging out with new friends here on site.

Aldonna, Kim and Mariya (a longterm volunteer here from Germany) went to a young mother’s house, Sophia, who Neema will be helping set up a shop. Neema is committed to helping mothers provide for themselves and their families in any way that they can. Whether it is through a small market shop, sewing, cosmetology, etc.


Aldonna and Blayne headed home tonight because Blayne has school to get back too. Our team is cut down just a little bit more until tomorrow night when the safari group makes it back.

Some people aren’t feeling well so pray for them and pray that it doesn’t pass on. Patient ø (Debbie, haha) is on safari so hopefully no one else here will feel ill, and hopefully the safari group doesn’t catch anything else.

I’ve taken less video the past two days just so I can play a little bit more. I’ve flown the drone quite a bit because the older kids constantly ask me about it and they like to watch the screen as we send it out over the area.

Stick around for the end to here the women of the sewing and English class worshipping.


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