The last two days have been a good end to the short trip here to Neema Village. The second safari group returned after a great adventure, chickens were purchased with the money that the kids from Word of Life raised through the “Cans for Clucks” fundraiser and everyone loves them. Hopefully they start producing some good eggs for the meals.

We went out to dinner and then had to pick our kids that we would take to church today. We pick a child, usually 6 months or older and not a Montana kid, to take and try and show off the kids basically hoping that someone will take notice and choose to adopt. It’s a lot of fun, but it gets hot holding a kid on your lap on a warm day in a warm church.

Today was the day that never is any fun. Over the past 2 weeks we have really spent time with these kids and gotten to know them. I’m sure that all of us could name almost every kid in all of the age groups. We have literally spent almost all of our time here and the relationships that have begun with the kids, especially the older “Montana” kids are ones that will not be forgotten.

At first it might have just been play time, feeding time, school time, church time, or bed time, but as we really got to know all of the children they became like family.

We have had the chance to not just help Neema Village while we have been here, but to influence lives of kids that might impact them for the rest of their lives.

A kid deserves a family. They deserve someone who cares for them, plays with them, and teaches them in life. Neema does an excellent job themselves and they encourage volunteers to come and love the kids with them. It might not seem like a lot to come over for a week, but I promise you that the kids that you come and play with love it. And I bet you will find it hard to come and visit just one time after you have hugged and played with them.






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